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Davis Opticians are an independent, family run business. We offer a completely different service to the big chains as we spend time with our patients and we listen. Together we can discuss all the options available and come up with the right choice for you whether it be frames, spectacle lenses, contact lenses or refractive laser surgery. 
Caring for You 
An eye test will tell you whether you need glasses. A Davis Opticians eye test will also assess your eye health and pick up general health issues like high blood pressure and Diabetes. 
Caring for your Family 
We look after a child's sight from the first months of life to adulthood. With the test fee covered by the NHS, why not choose Davis Opticians to take the very best care of the sight and eye health of your children. 
Care for your Employees 
Our Corporate Eyecare Scheme helps responsible employers to take care of their staff. Employees who spend a significant part of their day at a computer are entitled to tests paid for by their employer. 
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