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Harriet Shaw BA Hons. 
I am a friendly, easy to work with, local girl. From studying fine art my photographs have a unique artistic approach to them. I am available for... 
Individual photographic shoots 
Family photgraphic shoots 
Event photography 
Passport photos 
Bump & baby photographic shoots 
Other commission work 
I have always been passionate about art and although I originally started out as a fine art painter and drawer, photographic skills were always an important part of my work. 
After graduating in 2011, my artistic background helped develop my photographic skills into how I work today, giving the unusual outcomes that make my work unique. 
I offer personal, detailed photography shoots. I am experienced and passionate about working with the public and have a sociable personality, which is why I enjoy photographing different types of people. 
I am particularly experienced in working with children and have the natural ability to capture their wonderful expressions. 
I am a calm and friendly individual. This shows in one particular project that involved me working with a unique group of ladies from the village of Clifton Reynes, reconstructing the famous ‘Calendar Girls’. I have completed many things for charity over the years but this project was one of the biggest and rose over £10,000 for Breast Cancer Research. The brave and daring ladies worked with me to produce the tasteful nude photos that so many people kindly bought to raise so much money. It’s not every day that ladies get their clothes off for a photograph that everyone is going to see, so creating a relaxed and fun photo shoot was essential. This is how I like to work on a day to day basis. 
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Testimonials for Harriet Grace Shaw 
“Harriet was commissioned by The Robin Hood at Clifton Reynes to do photography for our new website. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. The photos are stunning. They were exactly what we wanted to show the pub in all its glory. Thank you” 
Reg & Lyn Pearson 
“Harriet has taken pictures of my little girl on a few occasions. My daughter was very relaxed with Harriet and able to have fun and feel secure. The photos were amazing on each occasion. Harriet listened to what I wanted and delivered. She also knew how to get the best shots of my daughter. I will not hesitate to use Harriet again and again, and I would recommend her to anyone. Fabulous work!” 
Cheryl Thorne 
“Harriet has the attention to detail and very personal touch! I wanted some photos taken of my partner and I last year. We chose our location, date and time and Harriet was fantastic in working around our needs. We had a fun morning taking lots of photos, Harriet picked lots of beautiful areas for the photos and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I would recommend Harriet to everyone.” 
Laura Taylor 
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