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Hi, I'm Michelle Turner-Davidson and it's later than you think... 
I run a number of businesses all of which are designed to help other people become wealthier, happier, healthier or all of these. 
Are you one of those people who thinks that they can't achieve more or real success is for other people?  
Or are you someone who leaps at opportunities and sometimes succeeds but sometimes fail? 
Whatever your personal traits or circumstances I can show you how to become whatever you want to be and I am always there to support and develop you so that you can achieve your goals. 
One thing's for sure, those people that recognise opportunities when they present themselves and then, most importantly, do something about it, are more successful and have happier, more fulfilling lives. 
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About Michelle 
My background was certainly not business. I have had a very successful career as a trainer and lecturer in health related exercise including and specialising in yoga, which I still love and practise regularly. 
I stumbled across Forever Living during 2004 at a time when I realised that the business my husband and I were setting up was just costing us too much money and time. I used the support and training that is available with Forever to build my own very successful business and launched The Healthy Wealthy People Group (The HWP Group) - helping others to build successful businesses for themselves. 
I now work on a variety of business streams, which suit my personal circumstances, and with a wide network of people many of whom have become friends over the years. I have also found that the support networks that can be developed through networking are invaluable both for your business and personal life. 
Seven years later and I still love my business and still look forward to every single day. The business has allowed me the freedom to work on my terms, at my pace, pushing forward when I want to and taking time out when my family needs me to. 
Testimonials for Michelle Turner-Davidson 
I've been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. During that time, I also lectured for over 7 years at a university on undergraduate & postgraduate programmes. I fit my FLP business alongside what I currently do & I'm very happy with not just the products, but also how easy the business works & the support I constantly receive from Michelle. At the present time, I'm working full time on my job (which I do love), & part time on my "pension pot! 
Ann-See Yeoh - International Presenter and Lecturer 
I'm lucky to work and network with Michelle over the last year or so. In everything she does she is professional, refreshingly honest and passionate about what she believes in. Her's is the way to sell MLM - no pressure. 
Keywords - professional, hard working, authentic, fun 
A great person 
Jon Baker - Venture Now 
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