Betty Weltz  
Utility Warehouse  
The Discount Club Authorised Distributor 
Tel : 07951 449557 
Betty Weltz Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributor 
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The Utility Warehouse Discount Club is operated by Telecom Plus PLC, a major British company whose shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Utility Warehouse provides its members with great value, great savings and the best possible customer service. Perhaps it’s not surprising that, in a recent survey, 93% of Utility Warehouse customers said they would recommend them to a friend. 
The Utility Warehouse provides over 500,000 customers throughout the UK with substantial savings on a wide range of utility services including home phone, mobiles, broadband, gas, electricity and non-geographic numbers. 
You may not have heard of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club before, as they don’t advertise. Instead, they rely on satisfied customers and Independent Distributors letting their friends and family know about the great value services they deliver. 
They share the money they save with their members, which means you benefit from the best value in the UK! 
As a member of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, you SAVE... 
• Single supplier for all your utilities 
• Award-winning customer service 
• Value that's unbeatable 
• Easy to switch 
Contact Betty Weltz 
Phone 07951 449557 
For more information and to start saving money on your household or business bills, please contact Betty Weltz Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributor on 07951 449557 or email betty using the form in this page. 
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