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Taking the headache out of what to wear! 
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Most women, at one time or another in their life, and for a variety of reasons, really find choosing the right clothes a problem. Is working out what to wear every day driving you mad? 
Whether you are a busy executive woman, a woman struggling to find your style post 40 or just someone that needs some help in creating a wardrobe of clothes that you love, I can help. 
My name is Joanna and I am a fully qualified Image Consultant specialising in creating workable wardrobes for professional women. I live close to Olney, so I know the shops well and can target which ones will work well for you and your lifestyle. Visit my website and find out a little more about the services and packages that I offer: 
• Colour Analysis - don’t know which colours suit you or how to mix and blend them? 
• Style analysis - at a loss in the shops to know what styles suit your body shape best? 
• Wardrobe Personality - not sure as to what your style is or looking to create a new style to take you forward? 
• Capsule Wardrobe - find it impossible to keep everything in your wardrobe in order, so you never know what goes with what and therefore end up only wearing a tiny percentage of your clothes? 
• Cosmetics - been wearing the same old eyeshadow,eyeliner and lipstick for years? Anxious about making a change? 
• Personal Shopping - don’t know where to shop or have the time? 
Contact Joanna  
Phone 01234 888915 
Joanna working with a client to show how a colour swatch helps you to identify which colours enhance your natural colouring! 
Working Wardrobe Consultation
Let me guide you to finding the perfect wardrobe, suitable for your lifestyle and dreams. It’s strategic, cost effective, psychologically beneficial and time saving - guaranteed! 
The services that I offer include... 
Style Analysis 
Colour Analysis 
Wardrobe Management 
Personal Shopping 
Corporate Services 
Joanna Shacklock, image consultant, takes personal care of all clients whether looking for a workplace wardrobe, leisure time look or a whole new look, I will help you on your journey. 
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Testimonials for Joanna Shacklock of Working Wardrobe 
Miracle working! 
'If there was a textbook before and after case study on wardrobe transformation, it would be the work of Joanna on mine. The magic that Jo performed was not only this side of miracle working, but it has created a lasting effect. She also helped me discover my own personal style and drew attention to features I never knew I had. I'm now so much more aware of what suits me best and that's made for more sensible shopping and a more rewarding wardrobe! Jo is a wonderfully inspirational, intelligent and truly valuable.' 
Joni, Director, Art in Marketing 
Extremely professional and generous with her time..... 
Jo has been a complete inspiration to me and my elderly mother over the years. She has a very special demeanor and connection with all her clients whatever their age. Jo makes her clients feel relaxed immediately and with her professional eye and knowledge she is able to dress and style her clients to suit their body shape and lifestyle.. She has been through my wardrobe many a time with a fine toothcomb, I can tell you! I would like to consider Jo a wonderful friend too through her business - she will often give me advice over the phone if I am stuck what to wear for Royal Ascot, Cheltenham etc. She is extremely professional and generous with her time.' 
Fiona, busy Mum, 2014 
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